not the model charlotte free
21/cancer/gemini moon/libra rising
I live somewhere between the airport and a long dirt road in the middle of nowhere.
~find me by the speakers, dance with me~
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Ninja and Yolandi with my ass



The “first man-made biological leaf” could enable humans to colonise space»

if you aren’t hyped about synthetic life and colonizing space then get out of my face

even better
the algea tree can not only help colonize a planet but can fix the one we fucked over 
look who made it to top 50 on @gryphonoshea 👏#top50
come on little funny boyyyyy

The next being that helped change the course of the brand was @charlotte_free . Some how my message got through to her that I wanted to gift her some #iamvibes and after she took this picture a sudden boost of magic seem to hit the brand and take us forward to where we are today 🙏✨ #hamsa