I live somewhere between the airport and a long dirt road in the middle of nowhere.
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Soo Sunny Park: unwoven light chain link fence sculpture
"You…what makes you…happy? I wonder…What makes you happy…Does it make others happy, too?
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everything in our world is a sine wave, and can be seen as a sound. all things, your bodies, planets, absolutely everything- are waveforms. if you choose this particular way of looking at reality and superimpose that view over the reality of the harmonics of music (an aspect of sound), we can begin to talk about different dimensions…the dimensional levels are nothing but differing base-rate wavelengths. the only difference between this dimension and any other is the length of its basic waveform. its just like a television or radio set… when you turn the dial, you pick up a different wavelength. then you get a different image on your tv screen or a different station on your radio. its exactly the same for dimensional levels. if you were to shape the wavelength of your consciousness, and in doing so change all your body patterns to a wavelength different from this universe, you would literally disappear out of this world and reappear in the one to which you were tuned.

Whoever messaged me anonymously about burning man, I would really appreciate if you would message me on Facebook or non anon. I will maintain your animosity if you desire.. Thank you Very much.. I already know all about that but would really appreciate talking to you about it !! Thank you!!!